Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vagaries of Weather.. and some Dang Cute Tomatoes...Sept. 27, 2009

Rain... finally. Mist and light rain all day and night. Seems as if it is always feast or famine with rain, especially if you are a gardener. The spring here in zone 7 near the NC/SC border was extremely wet, finally ending a two year drought. Summer was extremely dry - our water bill went from 25 to 60 dollars a month and we were only watering our beds and container plants - we let the *lawn* do its own thing. This fall much of the southeast is drowning while the rain has gone all around us. Glad to see the rain and feel that fall is finally coming - although it will be 80+ degrees today, the nighttime temps this week are predicted to be in the 50s....meaning the cute Micro Tom tomato plants will come in today and be put under lights. They are blooming and I am looking forward to the "crouton sized tomatoes"they are supposed to produce!

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