Thursday, August 27, 2009

Peppers!...August 27, 2009

The orange and red bells (upper right), corno di toros, jalapenos are coming in by leaps and bounds and the Rounds of Hungary (on the left above) are finally turning red - going to can those for homemade pimento cheese this winter. The others have been frozen, roasted or used in pickles. The Corno di Toros are fabulous roasted, filled with fresh mozarella, and served with pasta. My fish pepper plant, started in July, is setting buds - hoping to get at least a few before frost and since I put it in a SWC I should be able to move it to keep it warm. Looking forward to trying those hot ones!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pickles...Aug. 15, 2009

Hot and spicy bread and butter pickles... yummy and all organic :-)
These have our cucumbers, onions and peppers. Unfortunately, we are going through them as fast as I can them. Our youngest son loves them and I am mailing a jar of pickles and a jar of chow chow (a southern necessity for pintos) to Colorado for our older son.
Next year will be tripling the number of cukes I plant.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer winding down...August 14, 2009

Summer is winding down but the gardening isn't! Not a great year for tomatoes, here or anywhere else it seems, but we have a few dozen in the freezer despite the early blight and TYLCV and the Cherokee Purple is finally getting ready to start giving us great eating! I noticed the two biggest tomatoes on it are finally blushing from the bottom up - can't wait to slice those babies on some white bread with Duke's mayo!

Started 144 cells of fall veggies today - two types of broccoli, three types of collards, Brussels sprouts, mustard greens, Pak choi, leeks and something just for fun - Micro Tom tomatoes. They are touted as the smallest tomato plants, will grow and produce in a 4 inch pot. The tomatoes are supposed to be the size of croutons - thought it would be fun to have some over the winter.

Going to try making squash pickles tomorrow... the cukes have played out, and I am not sure two cases of bread and butter pickles will get us through the winter, so will try some of these for winter meals.

Corno di Toro peppers are to die for - we picked the first three red ones, roasted them on the gas range, peeled and stuffed with fresh mozzarella then baked... with pasta in fresh tomato sauce it was a perfect meal. The Ancho peppers are starting to turn - had them stuffed with Monterey Jack - hot but delicious!