Saturday, May 2, 2009

Planting frenzy...May 2, 2009

I may never be able to use my hands again, but all the planting is done - at least for now! Spent all last weekend and 9 hours today planting every freaking tomato seedling, including my husband's pet with one leaf, and everything else. So far the count still live and growing at this point includes:

37 tomatoes - heirlooms, cherries, and a few hybrids for back-up
19 pepper plants - 6 varieties
8 eggplants - 2 varieties
10 squash, zucchini and cukes
10 gazillion onions, green onions, shallots and garlic - no fear of vampires here
Carrots - 3 varieties
Sugar Snap Peas
Bush Beans - two varieties in ground so far
Scarlet Runner beans

Still have a few broccoli plants left - heads are small but tasty, but the heat is getting to them - stirfry tonight!

Did I mention the four pots of herbs? Sage, several types of
thyme, dill, two kinds of chives, oregano, Genovese basil....

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