Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flea beetles...May 9, 2009

Attack of the flea beetles on my eggplants. For someone who carried bugs out of her home and school room, I have dark murderous thoughts at the moment. Am trying garlic and hot pepper sauce diluted in water and sprayed on. Hope not to have to go to anything else. Scarlet runner beans are up - will be trained over an arbor and hopefully the hummingbirds will love them this summer.
Note from end of summer... Nothing seemed to faze the flea beetles. Tried all the organic methods I could find - from the garlic spray to DE to soapy sprays. Despite them, the eggplants produced well although their leaves continued all summer to look like someone had taken buckshot to them!


JoyceAnn said...

Keep us updated on how the spray does. I'm planning to make some garlic spray for the potatoe beetles.

~ Greenest Blessings ~

Robin of Newstead said...

Seems to be working along with handpicking any flea beetles I happend to catch on them. The numbers I am seeing and the damage to the leaves are dropping dramatically, thank goodness.