Monday, April 20, 2009

Loving the spring...April 2009 Pics

Pansies on the deck... just for enjoyment. They are such cheerful little guys!

My first Self-watering Container - homemade with a free food grade bucket from a local deli. Baby Marglobe tomato installed!

The end of driveway bed with the last of the collards, our spring broccoli, sugar snap peas and at the end spring spinach. Bush beans are being planted from the spinach down as we eat the collards - with balsamic vinegar and cornbread of course!


JoyceAnn said...

Hi Robin , The pansies are beautiful and those collards look great. I hope to grow collards this Fall.
How did you make the self waterer?

Thanks , for dropping by blog , hope you'll visit again soon.

~ Spring Blessings ~

Robin of Newstead said...

The SWCs are an idea I read about on one of my email lists that I am experimenting with - instead of the two containers most homemade instructions call for, you only need one. So far I have used old large plastic planters and free 4 and 5 gallon food grade buckets from the local grocery delis. Purchase collanders from a dollar store, some 3 inch water safe PVC and make or buy soilless potting soil to mix with compost and you are in business as long as you have a drill and a jigsaw or something like it. I will try to post instructions with pictures up soon!