Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tomato planting - FINALLY...April 18, 2009

Weather has finally stabilized enough to plant tomatoes! Planted 4 Viva Italia, 3 Homestead, 2 Heinz 1439, 1 Rhoades Heirloom, 1 Costoluto Genovese, 1 Big Boy, 1 Better Boy, 1 Goji Faranji, 1 German Giant, 1 Campbell’s 1943, 1 Carolina Gold, 1 Mortgage Lifter, 1 Sun Gold, 1 Super Sweet 100. Very sad, though, that my Cherokee Purple seedlings did not make it... still have a dozen or more assorted seedlings that I will try to find room for in containers or family/friends' gardens.

The garlic is 18 inches or higher, the onion sets and transplants are a foot or more, several of the broccoli plants are forming heads and the sugar snap peas are over 6 inches! I love spring - the birds are outdoing themselves in song and a very pregnant squirrel is filling up at the sunflower feeder every day. Some little beggar, though, helped his or herself to every single beet seedling
:-( ... and didn't leave a trace behind. Caterpillars???

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