Saturday, March 14, 2009

Starting Seedlings...March 14, 2009

Ready for spring... really. This past week it was 80 degrees... past two days 40 and raining. Sigh. Keeping the tomato, eggplant and pepper babies rotating under the lights and telling them only a month more... The garlic, onions and shallots look great outside and we are trying a potato bin for the first time. Carrot and beet seed first plantings are done and we are waiting anxiously for the delivery of our first container blueberry bushes!


JoyceAnn said...

Your seedlings look great , mine haven't done so well , looks like I'll be buying plants.

~ Blessings ~
JoyceAnn ( Freedom Gardener )

Robin of Newstead said...

Joyce, I just hope they make it to planting - the tomatoes were definitely started too early! Live and learn, die and forget as my husband says :-)